Al-Siraj Advertising Agency was founded in 2006 in the city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, where the company originated under the fierce competition we have necessitated the creation of strength emerge and excellence to reach our goals by fixed values are summarized by: credibility, innovation, and keep abreast of development to maintain the highest levels of service, and to meet market needs in advertising and promotional services until we reach to the vision that we hoped since the foundation before more than ten years to be  he Shining Light for our customers and partners paths to achieve the goals that they are looking for.

Al-Siraj Advertising achieved many success stories since the inception of the highest professional levels in the fields of its work with a  ich team of global expertise as a rich with young ambitious ever renewable ideas, and to maintain these successes and  complishments are always striving to provide integrated services and all the modern methods and techniques in advertising and media fields, whether  hat is known as classic/offline advertising or the modern online marketing of all kinds and at all available online marketing platforms.
We adopt the latest scientific solutions methods and advertising ideas and providing supplies in the field of advertising, promotional  aterials with printing services, to increase our customers trusting with our ability to provide the best, we always keeping up evolution  itnessed in the world to elevate to the best level in our field.